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Issue 10-31-03


In this week’s issue we have:

1.  Update
2.  Saving and Backing Up Your Work
3.  Long Term Business Success
4.  Joke of the Week
5.  Recipe
6.  Quote of the week


Happy Halloween for those celebrating!

I hope this week’s issue finds you well.  I
am hearing from some of you that have got started
with transcription – That’s great!  Keep up the
good work.  Don’t give up on your dreams. 

Not much on the news front this week.  I’m super
busy typing at the moment.  I’m glad to see our
Florida weather is cooling down a bit.  I’ve been
decorating this last week, and managed to get as much
paint on myself as the walls somehow… We are decorating our daughter’s bedroom. It’s looking good actually, and I’m happy with how it turned out.  Okay, onto the newsletter.


This is very important, especially for medical
transcriptionists. Many times the offices call me
saying the have misplaced a note, or, they need a
note which is at a different office location. Sometimes
they need several notes on one patient and I have to
go back quite far.

I always save by the date of service. The date the
patient was seen. DON’T save each patient individually
like you were taught in school. That is way too time
consuming and NOT necessary. You will want to make a
page break after each patient’s note, and make one long
continuous document, saving at regular intervals, and
naming the document as the date of service.

This way, when you have to find a note, you will use
the “find command” and enter the patient’s last name.
It will take you right to the note, and you can print
it up and fax it.

I have worked saved on disks going back to 1994, when
I first started medical transcription. Nowadays, it
is better and safer to save to a CD. Most computers
come with a CD burner at this time. Don’t rely on just
one copy, ALWAYS make a back up and you won’t regret

How To Ensure Long-Term Business
Five steps you can't afford to skip!
© Brett Krkosska

Have you ever ate an ice cream cone by starting
at the cone and eating your way up? No, me neither.
Odds are you'll end up with a huge mess and decide it
just isn't worth the effort. Yet many potentially
successful businesses are started in just such a
manner. To have any chance of success your venture must
progress from inception to viability with order and

No matter what business you undertake, here are some
long-term strategies you can implement to multiply your
business survival odds many times over.

A Winner Knows The Outcome

Winners are emotionally charged up. Everything you do,
and everything that happens to you, has its beginning
within you. No event or circumstance is outside of you.
Everything is under your control and moving you in the
right direction. This is because you have...

1. A burning desire to get what you want.
2. The conviction that you deserve what you want.
3.. The confidence that what you want is yours for
the taking.

With this winner's attitude you can turn possibility
into certainty and adversity into opportunity. But, rest
assured your successes are never happenstance. You create forward movement on purpose - rarely by accident. You plan to win. Here is how you do it...

Turn Your Ideas Into Goals

An idea is like clay. It floats around in your head -
shifting, changing, waxing and waning. In order for an
idea to take shape in the real world, it must be linked
to an end result. A goal is simply the marriage of an
idea with the intended results - it hardens the clay.

When you get an idea follow it through to its conclusion.
Explore the various avenues your idea can follow. Feel the energy that explodes inside you when an idea leads you down the right path. This energy is a call to action.

Write Down Your Goals

When you have hit upon an idea that energizes you, turn
it into a series of goals. The more specific you are about
your goals, the fewer wrong turns you'll take along the
way. Be absolutely clear about who, what, when, where, and how your destination is to be reached.

Putting your goals on paper makes them solid. Writing
things out empowers you with purpose and makes your aim true. Not doing so is like trying to shoot an arrow at a target with your eyes closed.

For a goal to be successful it must be a statement of
achievement, and not a casual wish. A wish begins with
the words "I hope" or "I want," while a statement of
achievement shouts "I am" and "I have." When I decided to publish my newsletter, my primary goal statement was: "I am the publisher of a trend-setting newsletter."

Create a Business Plan

Your plan is a chart for success. It identifies the
issues relevant to your business and helps you to move
logically through the start-up phase. A good business
plan can spare you months of wasted effort, not to mention fistfuls of cash.

Try the Small Business Administration Classroom for an
explanation of the components found in a business plan:

Business Plan Pro has sample plans and a free tool that
guides you through the creation of your own business plan:

Visualize Your Goal Daily

Create a picture in your mind's eye of you reaping the
rewards of your successful business. See yourself
enjoying the fruits of your labor. Feel the exhilaration
of having achieved that which you want. See the color in
your surroundings. Feel the floor beneath your feet. Taste the air around you. Be there.

Tell The World and Take Action

Tell people about your plans. Share your goals with
people that can offer support and encouragement. Doing
so opens up paths of assistance you may need along the
way. People who believe in you have the capacity to bring
you new ideas, resources, and contacts that you could not
get on your own.

When all is said in done, taking action is the most
important thing you do. Many new entrepreneurs fail at
this point. Without action dreams stay dreams and goals
go unfulfilled.

Do at least one thing every day that moves you toward
your goals. As you take action, review your goals to
avoid unnecessary moves, but don't be afraid to modify
and enhance your goals as needed.

In the end, if you follow these goal-setting strategies
you can stay the path and reach your goals. And that's
the whole idea...always, always stay the path.
Brett Krkosska provides how-to advice on family and
home-based work issues. Get start-up guidance, business
ideas and inspiration at  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is a great place to get equipment. I am very
happy with the prices and service from this company,
and their excellent quick and free shipping.

What Happened?

"What happened?" asked the hospital visitor to the
heavily bandaged man sitting up in bed. "Well, we went
to Six Flags and decided to ride the roller coaster. As
we came up to the top of the highest loop, I noticed a
little sign by the side of the track.

I tried to read it, but it was very small, and I
couldn't make it out. I was so curious that I decided
to go round again, but we went by so quickly that I
still couldn't see what the sign said.

By now, I was determined to read that sign so I went
round a third time. As we reached the top, I stood up
in the car to get a better view."

"And did you manage to see what the sign said this
time?" asked the visitor. "Yes," he said sheepishly,
"Remain seated at all times!"

Sweet Potato Pie

2 eggs, slightly beaten
1-1/2 cups cooked and mashed sweet potatoes
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/4 teaspoon cloves
1-2/3 cups evaporated milk
1 9-inch pie shell (See Favorite Pie Crust recipe.)
2-3 tablespoons butter, cut into tiny cubes

Preheat oven to 425° F. Combine first 8
ingredients in order listed. Mix until well blended.
Pour into unbaked pie shell. Dot with butter pieces.
Sprinkle with extra cinnamon. Bake for 15 minutes.
Reduce oven to 350° and continue to bake for 40-50
additional minutes or until knife inserted in center comes
out clean. Cool on rack.

Borrowed from

“Happiness is not having what you want
It’s wanting what you have.”

Author Unknown

That’s it for this week. Hope you have a
great weekend and a safe and happy week.
Don’t each too much candy!



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Aloha Michele,
FYI... I'm a newbie and want you to know that I started my own at-home business in June 2003 because of all your great advice, information, and encouragement. Just wanted to say thank you.... starting my own business has been the best thing I've ever done in my whole life.
Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much in Hawaiian),

To your success!

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