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Here is a handful of the many testimonials I receive from people who have read my book.


Well, where do I start?  It was a blessed day when I came across your webstie.  I have been looking at length for a career where I could eventually work from my home.  I do believe that I have found it!  I have worked in law offices for a number of years, so, dictation is not new to me.  I did realize that it would be slow going to start out, learning the terminology and all, but there was so much that I had no clue about to start an at-home business until I read your book.  It was quite an eye opener!  It cuts out all the fluff and cuts right to the chase and meat of this profession.  Your book, along with your ongoing website and newsletters, provide valuable information and contacts to launch anyone interested in this profession in the right direction.  I will keep in touch and let you know how I am progressing.  Thanks for all your help and I look forward to a long-term relationship.

Nancy Edwards, Fort Worth, TX


Dear Michele:

Just wanted to let you know how helpful I have found your ebook on starting a medical transcription business at home to be. When I first got started, I read the book from front to back and sideways too!! I have been in business now for three months, and I continue to reread certain sections over again for your valuable insights and advise.  I would suggest this tool to anybody who is interested in medical transcription! It is a great help. Thanks so much.

Sue Civiletto, Newfane, NY 14108
A Transcription Solution


Thank you for the information contained in your ebook.  My purchase of your book was my first step towards my decision to embark on a career in medical transcription.  You answered many of my questions, provided a good basis for my quest for information, and gave me much needed encouragement that this was a good fit for me.  Thanks for helping me to decide to become an MT!   
Marcia Chambliss, Grady, AL


I'm writing this testimonial because of the wonderful e-book I purchased from Michele Miller on Medical Transcription at home business.  Not only did I receive a wonderful chocked full of wisdom book on starting and maintaining a medical transcription service, but I also received a free book on any at home business.  Michele obviously has done her homework and has made my life and my at home business so much easier.  I learned so much from this material and it has saved me many times from doing the wrong thing.  Her advice is priceless.  Every time I have a question about something I email her and she is always right there to respond with an answer.  She and her books have been a God send to me.

Thank you Michele for everything!!!

Terese Rutjens, Norfolk, NE


Hi Michele,

I  Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your ebook is! I recently started my own medical transcription business, following the advice in your ebook. This book is a must-have for anyone wanting to start their own business!  People often ask me how I got started with my own business. The first thing I tell them is: "Get Michele's book!"  Thanks Michele for writing the book and being such an inspiration to us all.

 Teresa Wallace, Bakersfield, CA 93309



I am so excited I just had to write and tell you that I just landed my first account.  I used your letter and the first mailing I sent out to 45 different doctors.  About a week went by, and then I got three inquiries.  Two of them didn't work out for various reasons, but one of them I decided to take on.  It's an orthopedist, and I'm so happy about that.  Thanks for all your support throughout everything and for ALWAYS being there even when I had stupid questions... Take care, Kristen Jones, Cleveland, Ohio..


I just wanted to write and let you know that I'm so happy I bought your book because it has given me so much hope.  I really want to work from home, and I'm tired of seeing so many scam jobs advertised.  Now  I've got your book, I know I'm going to be able to do it!  Thank you.  Marissa Satchwell, New York


This book is the best, hands down, bar none!  There is no fluff, every page has reliable information you can put to use to begin your own at-home business.  When I finished school I knew that I wanted to begin my own business but I had no idea how to do so.  Michele provides the reader with exactly what is needed to work from home.  After having read this book I now have my own business up and running.  Truly, an invaluable resource!  

Linda Jones, Post Falls, ID


Michele's book is great.  It is well written and very informative.  She is a super sweet gal and she is always there, available to help you with any questions you may have.    Tracy Bergeron, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Why couldn't I have found this sooner?  I would have saved myself some headaches that's for sure.  I've already set the wheels in motion, and I'm getting started with the course.  I'm hoping to have my own business in nine months, maybe sooner...thanks!  And, thanks for your help via email.  Christine Livingstone, Lexington, NC


Please keep emailing testimonials - they are appreciated.  It's great to know you are all on your way to independence and financial freedom!  Here's to Medical Transcription At Home!!!

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