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Q. What is medical transcription?
A.  Medical transcription is the typing of
     medical notes, which are dictated by a
     physician, nurse, or other health care
     worker to keep as reference and
     permanent record of a patient's care.

Q. How many hours a day does it take?
A. This depends on the physician and how many
     patients a day he sees, and how long the
     reports are.  You can find some accounts
     which will only take an hour or two a day,
     and some that will take 4-5 hours.  It

Q. How does the work get delivered to the
A.  Most of the dictation nowadays is digital dictation,
     so you send the work back via the Internet.  Some
     transcriptionists deliver the work to the office still,
     depending if the doctor still uses tapes.
Q.  How much does it cost to get the
      equipment to do this type of work?
A.  This varies of course, but generally, start
     up costs are quite low if you already own a computer
     and printer. 

Q.  Is this a legitimate business?
A.   Yes.  Medical transcription at home is a
       legitimate business.  It is not a scam. 
       You do have to find your own work, but I
       never found that difficult to do.  Once
       you get an account, they usually stay 
       with you, so you are not out pounding
       the pavement looking for work every

Q.   Why are you selling this book?
A.    I enjoy helping people, and felt
        knowledgeable enough about medical
        transcription to write a manual about it.
        It saved me writing notes over and
        over again for all the people I help,
        including those that take an internship
        program through my company.  I enjoy
        the Internet and building websites for
        myself as a hobby, and this seemed the
        perfect way to get the book out to help
        even more people.  I do make a profit
        of course, for all my work, but I try to
        keep  my prices reasonable.

Q..  I've never downloaded an ebook, is it
A.  No, it's not difficult.  It's really just like
     saving a file to your computer.  There are
     full instructions on the How to Download

Q.  Will you help me with the download if I
      run into problems?
A.   Yes, I will try to help you via email.

Q.  Will you help me get work?
A.   No, I cannot help you get work, but I
      show you how to do it.


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