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How To Stay Sane Working at Home!




Itís great working at home, being your own boss, but for some people itís not what they expected. 

Iíve heard several people say they get lonely and miss being around work associates; others find it hard to stay disciplined, or they just find working
at home boring.  I personally donít find it to be any of those things myself and love working at home doing medical transcription, but everybodyís different.

Some people are almost forced to work at home, such as disabled people, single moms that canít afford daycare, or donít want to put their children in daycare.  For these people that didnít necessarily choose a home career it can be quite depressing.

For those that chose to work at home, and donít want to change that part of it, often times another problem arises.  It can be called, ďwearing all the hats syndromeĒ.  Not only do you run a business and play manager, employee, billing clerk, sales person, inventory manager, etc., with a home business, you might find yourself cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, cooking meals,folding clothes, running errands, and paying bills, all during working hours. This problem tends to arise when there is no set work routine.  It leaves one feeling overwhelmed
on a daily basis. 

 To really enjoy a home business and keep yourself sane, itís necessary to establish business hours and a routine.  Itís best to get dressed every day at a
reasonable hour, otherwise you find the whole dayís gone and youíre still in your night clothes.  Itís great to be able to do that, itís just not good to do it.  You can bet the doorbell will ring on the days you slack off on this one! 

Give yourself a lunch break and try to eat healthy.  Itís so easy working from home to walk by the fridge every thirty minutes and get a snack.  Soon your body expects to be fed every couple of hours,
just like a newborn.  Not a good thing, especially when you start packing on the pounds.

Try to get some fresh air every single day.  Itís not good to get out of the house only once or twice a week.  When you feel mentally happy and healthy, you will be able to stay sane with a home business.

Remember, working at home can be harder than
working outside the home.  Itís all up to you how your business turns out; itís a lot of responsibility.  So, try not to stress yourself unnecessarily. 

Use phone time wisely.  Enough saidÖ

As far as housework goes, and all that other stuff that messes up your work day, I found something that works and may work for you.  I get up and get showered and dressed and then I spend about an hour cleaning the house.  Iím usually ready to sit down and start work around nine, but if itís ten oíclock thatís fine too. 

Routine, routine, routine, is the key to being successful and staying sane while working at home.

(c) 2004 - Michele Miller

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