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We know more and more people today are self-employed and the numbers are rising, especially for moms that want to stay home and people in general who want out of the 9-5 grind.  More and more people want to be in control of their own destiny and finances.

However, the transition to self-employment is not an easy one, especially when you are the bread-winner or when you or your family are dependent on your current income.

Other factors can hold you back, such as the fear of being responsible for finding work and keeping a business alive.  Thatís a legitimate risk. Itís one of the biggest risks of having your own business.

Then of course there are other fears, worries, and doubts that might hold you back, the big one being finances.  These are some of the reasons people stay in jobs, stay unhappy, and are not fulfilling their lifeís dreams.  So how can you change that?

The best way to start a business is by lessening your risks.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, there are many different answers depending on what type of business you start.  Let me give you an example.


Joe wants to open a restaurant.  Heís out there looking at places to rent but he doesnít have the money to cover rent, equipment, food, staff wages, possible slow weeks, etc.  So he starts looking for investors.  Joeís so excited he canít see the risks at all.  He could end up over $100,000 in the hole, and how would he ever pay it back? 


Start small.  Joe could start a catering business from home, do a bit of low cost advertising, and start building a good reputation and business.  He would have no overheads, and wouldnít have to buy the food until he had orders, and could probably eliminate the need for a lot of staff in the beginning.  Also, by doing this in his spare time and evenings, Joe does not have to give up his job until his business has grown substantially.  He can even employ someone from his house to take over a couple of days a week while heís at work to fulfill any orders he has during the week, still keeping his costs low.

Once his income has increased and Joe becomes known as the guy to call for great food and service, then Joe stands a better chance out there with the big fish.  He can open a small restaurant and catering business, and as his business grows he can move to bigger premises and employ more staff. 

Now Joe is one example.  There are indeed many businesses that start small like that.  I started my own medical transcription business the same way ten years ago.  I have a friend who made the transition to cleaning business from real estate agent, and ended up employing over 25 people.

Choose a business that will allow you to work in your spare-time and keep your job, and you have eliminated the risks.  This is not possible in all circumstances, but for the small business person, itís the ideal way to go.

Thereís going to be some sacrifice in the short term, such as working extra hours in the week building your business.  But those kind of sacrifices will still allow you to sleep at night and not put you in the poor house, thereby increasing your chances of success!

Some businesses that are possible this way are:

Handy-man to Full Time Repair and Home Maintenance Service. 

All kinds of Home Party Businesses, there are hundreds of them to chose from.

These can also be turned into full time businesses:

Insurance Broker, Bookkeeper, Seamstress, Party Planner, Typist, Secretarial Work, Photographer, Copywriter, Proofreader, Tutor, Pet Groomer, Pet Sitting Service, Home Inspections, Mortgage Broker, Painter, Florist, Crafters, Graphic Designer, Jewelry Maker, Mechanic, Medical Transcription etc.  There are many many more. 

Find something you are interested in and think about how you can turn it into a profitable business Ė the easy way!

(c) 2004 - Michele Miller

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