Medical Transcription Recommended Books

Medical transcription dictionaries, word books, specialty books and more!

Medical transcription books


 Recommended medical transcription reference books and other great specialty books!

Of course you don't need them all, but all are worth listing!

This is a great little medical dictionary that is not too big or bulky and fits on your desk easily!   Taber's Medical Dictionary

I wouldn't be without this one!  Surgical Word Book or this one - Medical Word Book
Both have been an enormous help throughout the years!

This is my favorite Pharmaceutial Book to look up spellings of Brand and generic medicines and dosages - Drug Index  I use this one too.  Another Drug Index

This is a very complete dictionary and is recommended to all who do medical transcription!  Stedman's Medical Dictionary

This is the medical dictionary I have; it's easily as good as Stedman's.  Dorland's Medical Dictionary but I like the Taber's one for ease of use and quick reference.

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After you have collected the above books, you gradually start to add Specialty Word Books, such as Stedman's Word Books.

I love all the Stedman's books, and here is a handy one to have! - Abbreviations

This is a wonderful medical and surgical word book - Medical and Surgical Word Book

You'll love this one!  Spell Checker Plus - You can always trust Stedman's products.

Here's one you'll enjoy having - Electronic Medical Dictionary - it will definitely make life easy on you!

If you're looking for a refresher book for medical terminology, then this book is for you!  Medical Terminology


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