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It's been a while since my last newsletter, but I haven't forgotten you!  This last week I was in England visiting my mom and the rest of the family.  I took my daughter with me, and since she hasn't been there since she was six years old, it was a fun visit for her too.  She's 19 now.  The weather was really good for England too, so it made it a nice trip.

I tried to keep up with all the emails by frequenting the Internet Cafes, but I still managed to return to a few hundred!  The Internet Cafes are pretty neat.  You can sit and have a coffee and work at the same time.   In between shopping and visiting with family I did manage to get to the Internet Cafe almost every day.

My subcontractor, Pam, took over my transcription work while I was gone, so at least I didn't come back to a ton of transcription work!  How neat is that?!!  :)  I certainly can't complain!

My website is taking up a lot of my time, but I do enjoy helping people get a transcription business started.  So, if anybody didn't get a reply to an email, please drop me a line again.  I'm not sure all the emails came through while I was in England.




In case you don't know about this great website link I am going to share this with you.  You can download the software for digital dication and it doesn't cost a thing.  I have recommended it before, but thought I'd mention it for our new subscribers.

Another site you may find helpful is:



When is it time to outsource, time to start finding subcontractors to help you get through the work load?  I found very early on in my medical transcription business that I needed help or I wouldn’t be able to keep the accounts that I was getting. 

After the first one or two accounts, word of mouth spread fast and I was getting unexpected phone calls offering me work.  I hated to turn it down, but I didn’t know how I could possibly do it all. 

That’s when I started hiring people.  The problem was not in finding them, it was in finding people that could actually do the work.  I went to my local college and asked the instructors to recommend their “A” students to me, ones that might want to start working a few hours a day.  I was willing to train them, and I found some good people that way.  I also found some people that had "no business being in the medical transcription field" when I advertised for help in the local newspaper. 

That’s another whole story in itself… as you can probably imagine.  You wouldn’t believe some of the work that was turned in.  Many times I ended up doing the work over as the corrections were taking just as long.  That was discouraging.  If you plan to recruit medical transcriptionists from your local newspaper, make it clear you will only hire experienced people, unless you have the time to train.  Everybody needs some training, even after home study or college classes, but if your time is limited, you may want to only hire experienced people. 

My subcontractor Pam was inexperienced when I hired her, but I could see she had potential, and it was definitely worth training her.  Six years later and she's still with me and she has her own accounts as well!

To expand your business and make it grow, you will need to hire subcontractors.  It is very easy as far as paperwork goes; you provide them with a 1099 form by January 31st, and you send a copy to the IRS.  They pay their own taxes.  It’s much easier than having employees. 

Expanding the business does take some planning, and you will definitely need a regular routine for it to work.   Anyway, don’t be afraid to expand your business.  The sky’s the limit!



I get asked this question quite often.  There is a lot of controversy regarding the answer however.   For security reasons, it is best to delete the work in a timely manner.  However, this is not always feasible.   I think the best course of action is to discuss with each physician what they prefer.  All of my accounts have told me to "keep the work indefinitely", in case they need something and they can't locate it.  In this case, I generally back up my files once a month and burn them onto CDs.  You can then keep them in a fire-proof box or safe. 



Several of you have written to me about rates and charging by the hour.  Unless you absolutely have to, do NOT charge by the hour.  You will be better off by the line.  The reason for this is people will not want to pay you $30.00 an hour, and this is an average hourly wage for transcriptionists at home.   It is better that most physicians do not know what 12 or 13 cents a  line equates to in hours… Now, if you don’t use the knowledge I gave you in the book, and you are typing each and every line yourself, you won’t make more than about $10.00 an hour.  So do yourself a favor, put in some unpaid time, and set up your system so you can make the big money.  It is worth it in the long run.



Don't forget to check out my list of recommended books!  You can get new or used books, and save some money.



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I've kept the costs VERY low, so that you can invest in your future without hurting your wallet. I hope you'll be thrilled with the tapes! They are 75% less expensive from my site than most places on the Net!

You get four transcription practice tapes with an answer key on CD ROM!

These are great for the student, or even if you are a beginner that would like to try out medical transcription and see if it's for you, or even for somebody that has been out of the transcription industry for a while and wants to brush up on skills.  These tapes will also increase the skills of an experienced transcriptionist that just wants more practice.

The tapes are all real-life dictations and the answer key has left each physicians' format preferences intact so you can see how various physicians like their work set up. You do not have to keep to the format when typing the tapes, it's entirely up to you!





It's amazing how many people combine home businesses.
You can combine your medical transcription career with
medical billing or just as easily with a secretarial service. It all works really well together. My friend Leva combines her secretarial business with her web design business. It's good to be open to options. You can learn more about starting your own secretarial service here:



If you have any crafting skills and enjoy this type of hobby, you can turn it into a home business.



Build Wealth In Real Estate Foreclosures: A simple, yet powerful and proven formula that will grab you by the hand and walk you step by step all the way.


Here is a neat site for parents that want to work from home:



Don’t forget to subscribe to this magazine. It doesn’t cost anything, but you have to tell them you are an Independent Medical Transcriptionist to be able to receive it.

They do post lots of jobs as well as worthy news items.


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A man visits his aunt in the nursing home.  It turns out that she is taking a nap, so he just sits down in a chair in her room, flips
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Eventually, the aunt wakes up, and her nephew realizes he's absentmindedly finished the entire bowl. "I'm so sorry, auntie, I've eaten all of your peanuts!"

"That's okay, dearie," the aunt replied. "After I've sucked the chocolate off, I don't care for them anyway."



Pick up your own copy of my ebook and get started with your own home business today!  I've helped lots of people over the years, and I do offer ongoing support.  It can be your first investment, and your first business tax deduction.


Wishing you a safe and happy week!


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