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1. This week's ramblings - Request & Great Free Gift!
2. Transcription Talk
3. Recommended Courses
4. Line Count and Invoice Program
5. Transcription Practice Tapes
6. Other Home Businesses and Recommended Sites * Must See! *
7. The Transcription Chat Forum
8. Joke of the Week
9. Free Gift for You!



It's a three-day weekend for a lot of people in the United States due to Memorial Day, on Monday.   And I believe it's Bank Holiday Monday in England.   So, if you're in either of these parts of the world, I hope you enjoy a nice long leisurely weekend!  And if you live elsewhere, and there's no Holiday, I'm sorry I mentioned it.  :)

My office didn't close this weekend for three whole days though, I'd have withdrawal symptoms if I couldn't get online for a start, but I haven't been doing any transcription this weekend, other than some billing that needs to be caught up and some organizing and book work.

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It helps others who visit my web site.  Just a few lines or a paragraph about what you thought of the book and how it helped you would be great.  Please include your full name, city and state where you live.   Please email it to - thanks!  For every email I receive with a testimonial, I am giving away 597 Business Forms!  This is a fantastic set of easy to use forms that you can easily modify to suit your needs!


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Everybody has their own transcription style, as I have mentioned before.  However, certain things should not be messed with.  Here’s a few for today.

If a decimal quantity is less than one, use a decimal and a zero to avoid confusion or it being read as a whole number.


Premarin 0.625 mg, not .625 mg

0.5 mg not .5 mg

6 cc not 8.0 cc 


Use all capitals for major headings.  Underlining and bold face is optional.  You will probably follow the format of the previous notes/samples you get from your doctor.


Subheadings in a report can be listed vertically or horizontally.  For example:

Head:  Normocephalic.
Eyes:  PERRLA.  EOMs full.
Neck:  Supple.
Head:  Normocephalic. 


Typing for hours on end can cause eye strain, back-ache, and carpal tunnel syndrome.  It is essential that you take short breaks.  Make sure your chair is comfortable and set at the correct height for your desk.

Flex your wrists:  Hold your right arm out, fingers pointed up.  Take your left hand and gently bend your right hand back towards your forearm.  Hold for five seconds.  Repeat on the other side.

Finger Fan:  Hold your hands out in front of you, palms down.  Spread your fingers apart as far as you can.  Hold for five seconds, then make a tight fist.  Repeat three times.

Upper/lower back stretches:  Upper stretch - raise your hands to your shoulders.  Using your arms, push your shoulders back.  Keep your elbows down.  Hold for 15 seconds.  Repeat three times.  Lower stretch - lower your head and slowly roll your body as far as you can toward your knees.  Hold for ten seconds.  Push yourself up with your leg muscles and repeat three times. 



Counts your lines and produces an invoice - so you don't have to! Visit my site:




I've kept the costs VERY low, so that you can invest in your future without hurting your wallet. I hope you'll be thrilled with the tapes! They are 75% less expensive from my site than most places on the Net!

You get four transcription practice tapes with an answer key on CD ROM!

These are great for the student, or even if you are a beginner that would like to try out medical transcription and see if it's for you, or even for somebody that has been out of the transcription industry for a while and wants to brush up on skills.  These tapes will also increase the skills of an experienced transcriptionist that just wants more practice.

The tapes are all real-life dictations and the answer key has left each physicians' format preferences intact so you can see how various physicians like their work set up. You do not have to keep to the format when typing the tapes, it's entirely up to you!






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I came across this lady online when I was researching business cards.  She teaches you how to make sure your business card gets remembered and kept.  She shows you simple little ways to generate a mammoth-sized response... just from small changes on your business cards.  There really is some psychology to this.  You know a lot of people just throw the card away, so it's really interesting to learn what you can do to stop that from happening.



It's amazing how many people combine home businesses.
You can combine your medical transcription career with
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Redneck buys a chainsaw

A red neck walks into a hardware store and asks for a chain saw that will cut 6 trees in one hour. The salesman recommends the top of the line model. The red neck is suitably impressed, and buys it.

The next day he brings it back and says, "This chainsaw is defective. It would only cut down 1 tree and it took ALL DAMN DAY!" The salesman takes the chain saw, starts it up to see what's wrong, and the red neck asks, "What's that noise?



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Wishing you a safe and happy week!


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