Medical Transcription Practice Tapes and CDs!

Gain more experience and training as a
medical transcriptionist by using medical
transcription practice tapes that are real
life dictations.

Transcription Practice Tapes




Medical transcription practice tapes and CDs are a great way to improve your transcription skills and gain experience. 

When you first start training to be a medical transcriptionist it can seem overwhelming as you learn the new terminology and try to understand the physicians' voices on the tapes or wav files.  A lot of people like to have more practice than they got with their online courses or other schooling/training, and medical transcription practice tapes are the best way to attain that. 

I've looked around on the Internet and it seems these tapes can be very expensive to purchase, so I wanted to make available to you an affordable set of tapes and CDs (wav) files.  It's been a long project, but I now have some tapes  available for you.  I will be adding more specialty tapes and CDs as time goes on.  To learn more about the tapes and how to order click on the link below:


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