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Issue 9-1-03


In this weekís issue we have:

1.            Announcement
            Why businesses fail
            Medical Transcription Styles
          When you canít hear what the physician said
            Featured Products Health Insurance and
            Newsletter Gifts for You


I hope this issue finds you well!  Itís been a busy week
here!  I have decided to change the day I send out the
newsletter to Friday, instead of Monday.  You wonít be
receiving one this Friday due to todayís issue, so look
for it the Friday after that.  Mondays seem to be too
busy to accomplish this... so I decided to change the day.

Remember to send in any questions, if you need help with anything.  I hope your medical transcription business ideas are taking shape. 



Well, thereís a lot of reasons for this of course, but once you know what they are, you can avoid them!

Bad planning or no planning is the number one reason.  You do need to write down your goals and objectives and make a business plan.  It doesnít have to be fancy, but you do need to know everything you will need to be able to run a successful business.

Not having enough skills or experience is number two.  To be the best you can be in your field, you need to learn all the skills necessary and educate yourself. 

Not enough cash is number three.

 If you plan properly, you will have figured out how much cash you need to start a business.  Medical Transcription can be done on a shoestring.  However, if you need a small loan to get started, you will have to add up the costs of equipment and books etc. 

 Not keeping financial records is number four.

 If you donít do this properly, you will never know where you are.  Itís important to keep proper financial records. 

Poor Service is number five.

If you donít care about your accounts/customers, they will know it.  Everybody likes a company that keeps its word and provides great service.

Too much overhead/expenses.

Yet again, with proper business planning this should not happen.  If you start small and work your way up to bigger premises or fancier equipment, you will be fine.  You donít have to start with the most expensive.

By avoiding the pitfalls, you should have a successful business. 



Everybody has their own transcription style, as I have mentioned before.  However, certain things should not be messed with.  Hereís a couple for today.

If a decimal quantity is less than one, use a decimal and a zero to avoid confusion or it being read as a whole number. 


Premarin 0.625 mg, not .625 mg

0.5 mg not .5 mg



Sometimes you cannot understand, hear, or figure out what the physician said.  If this happens to me, and Iíve listened several times, I call a friend who is a transcriptionist also, and play it over the phone to her.  Between the two of us, we usually figure it out.

Sometimes this is not possible.  Perhaps the tape slipped a bit, perhaps the doctor was eating or yawning at the time, (yes, this really happens).  One of my friends has a doctor that eats constantly during the dictation.  I donít think I could put up with that. 

Anyway, if you cannot figure out what is being said, leave a short blank line where it can be written in with a pen.  Put a sticky note on the note itself which says, ďThere is a blank on this page, please send this note back for reprinting.Ē

Hopefully, the blank will get filled in and you will reprint the note.



I came across some good health insurance places this
week, while researching some for a friend.  I thought
you might be interested in checking this company out.

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If you want to get organized, I can highly recommend

checking this out!  Are you tired of clutter all over your

home or office? Is your To Do list a mile long? Do you

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Next - This is my Newsletter Gift to you!  It wonít cost

you a cent.  If you have any credit problems this

ebook can help you out.  It is easily downloaded,

just like my medical book, but is made in a different

format.  It is guaranteed virus free of course. 

If you want to know some Credit Secrets, go here to

download the ebook!  Enjoy!


Well, thatís it for this week!  I hope you have enjoyed

this issue.  Take care and have a safe week!

Michele Miller


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Michele, I know you're busy, but, I just had to write and say, AWESOME E-BOOK!  It is well worth the $49.97.  I am an RN, but trying to pastor a small Church.  I think becoming an MT will allow me much greater flexibility.  Thank you so much.  Sincerely, Billy D. Haney

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Aloha Michele,
FYI... I'm a newbie and want you to know that I started my own at-home business in June 2003 because of all your great advice, information, and encouragement. Just wanted to say thank you.... starting my own business has been the best thing I've ever done in my whole life.
Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much in Hawaiian),

To your success!

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