Count lines and Invoice
Program 2.0

Count words, lines, pages, characters per line, the easy way with our easy to use line counting and invoice program software!



Line Count and Invoice
Program 2.0

Have you noticed how you can't count lines in so many word processing programs without it counting all the blank lines too? 

This severely inflates the "real amount of lines you have typed".  You need to be able to count only the lines you typed to be able to charge your client or physician the correct amount.  You may also need to be able to count characters per line and not just the gross line, as some transcriptionists charge the client this way, such as 65 characters per line. 

As a medical transcriptionist, I know all too well how important it is to have a program that works efficiently and correctly to count the lines we type.  This is after all, how we get paid.  It's also important to have a "user friendly" program, that is quick and easy to use!  That's why I had this program made.

Line counter and Invoice Program 2.0 does the job for you.  It is a great line counting tool that will count lines just about any way you want it to, ~ by the gross line, characters per line, or even by the page. 

It will also produce an easy to make invoice for your clients.  You can easily visualize the log sheet for each client, then decide which dates you want to bill for.  The program does the rest for you.  A "must have" for the medical or legal transcriptionist.

This product is downloadable and very easy to install.
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